Poll: Which of the following project ideas are most worth pursuing after the Connected Launceston Forum?

A poll to gauge enthusiasm for pursuing various project ideas that have been discussed during the Connected Launceston forum (#connectedlstn) on November 11th 2016, as part of BOFA 2016.

Poll created by jamesriggall on the 11th November 2016.
Voting over
  • Build a LoRa WAN Network for IoT Prototyping in Launceston 7 votes
  • Establish New Telehealth Projects & Pilots in Northern Tasmania 5 votes
  • Establish an Angel Investor Network in Northern Tasmania 5 votes
  • Build a Mentor Taskforce to Support Local New & Existing Business Owners 7 votes
  • Run a Project That Engages People on the Other Side of the Digital Divide in Northern Tasmania 7 votes
  • Undertake an Audit of what Key Stakeholders are Already Doing 9 votes
  • Run an Information Campaign to Help Local People Understand Smart Cities and IoT 5 votes
  • Get University Students Involved in Solving Local Problems 5 votes
  • Create a Web Platform for Crowdsourcing Business Ideas 2 votes