website for tas young adults that gives them info on taxes, credit checks, renting etc, in one place

I am thinking of a potential website that supplies a collection of information relevant to young adults in Tasmania on things that often aren't taught and that might need to be known. This includes things like taxes, getting a police check, RSA, first aid, bulk billing. Any feedback would be nice.

Posted by megank11 on the 09th Sep 2016.

woolfinioz - Nice idea Megan. If nothing similar exists and its something that young people need, then I'd suggest it's a good idea to pursue. Do have a think about how you might sustain this website - there will always be on going costs, including your own! Good luck.

Peter - Great idea.


TassieTeen - Hi, new here and evidently this is an old post! But for future visitors, I am looking for someone to code this onto my own project! Love to hear from you!