Hobart TAS 7000, Australia


I look forward to hearing your feedback on:
Do you make a decision based on Price?
Do you make a decision based whether it is fair trade?
Do you feel it is highly important to support local business?
What dominate flavour would you be looking for?
Consumption of chai in a month?

Posted by lwalker on the 26th Aug 2016.
  1. I have created a product called Maybel & Chai 
  2. Maybel & chai does not contain refined sugar so it can be confidently enjoyed on a dairly bases,knowing it will boost digestive function, imporve circulation and absorption. We are organic, fair trade and ground locally in tasmania. 

Kwoolfie - Hello Luke. Is this a type of tea? Can people get product samples? Thanks, Kathryn

lwalker - Hi Thankyou for your response. Yes it is tea. I am hoping to also find it fine enough to make a powder. I am basses in Hobart and at the moment I am testing the recipe with some local barrister. I am hoping to gain feedback on what most important when buying. Thankyou