Beechina WA 6556, Australia

Would you be seen using a 'boab tree' shelter or similiar for social anxiety within the community?

The shelters will have automatic doors, air conditioning, calming music, headphones with recorded messages to help assist, a helpline to talk to someone or have a volunteer visit, water fountain, brochures and magazines. Shipping containers four rooms for larger events.

Posted by CarolScales on the 24th Aug 2016.

I am a creative entrepenuer student whose goals and objects are as follows:

My goals:

  • Is to have a safety shelters (Boab Trees) available at community events and within the community.
  • To have a web page to connect people.
  • To have a hotline in the safety shelters for assistance and advice.

The objectives are:

  • Encourage people who have suffered from social anxiety to step out into the community.
  • Communicate with others sharing testimonies and have access to helpful advice.
  • To offer them assistance with a help line, soothing music and cognitive therapy reminders

Kwoolfie - Hi Carol. This sounds like a lovely idea but what do the Boab Trees look like? could you add a photo or sketch of the concept? Thankyou

CarolScales - Hi Kwoolfie Thank you for your feedback, below are some links to animations in progress they are not fully completed yet. Do let me know what you think.