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How can the current Networkers further support local primary schools in the northern suburbs?

One activity the networkers are currently offering is an after school outreach program through some primary schools focusing on 5 to 12years with support from City Mission and PCYC

Posted by Northern Suburbs Com on the 20th Aug 2015.

trish - More opportunities for social workers, mental health professionals, youth workers who are all willing to get involved with our kids at their level.

Northern Suburbs Com - Absolutely Trish, once again it would be great if service providers working in these areas had it as part of their brief to connect up with existing Community Family Workers outreach programs. Some do already, but it would be great to see more


trish - Be more available so that more children/families are being seen


Vic - offer training to parents/care givers to aid in helping

yvetted - fantastic idea Vic, this would build capacity in Communities - are there any programs that already offer something similar to this?


bellafountain - Team up with other aspects of local centres, such as Healthy Families Workers through your outreaches and programs such as vacation care to help families access information in a non-threatening and casual way, as well as increasing worker visibility in the community. Great work guys!